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GL-325 Jian Shen  
GL-325 is a new combination of two traditional herbal formulas, Ginseng and Tang-kuei Ten Combination and Minor Cinnamon and Peony Combination. The former is a traditional formula for treating weakness and fatigue or debility due to a major illness. It has a remarkable effect on increasing vitality, nourishing blood and strengthening immunity. The primary ingredients of this formula, Ginseng Radix and Astragali Radix are popular herbs for their ability to increase physical endurance and encourage body function. As a tonic formula, Minor Cinnamon and Peony Combination has the effect of promoting digestion and absorption, activating blood circulation, nourishing the body and consolidating the constitution. It is the recommended formula for general weakness and deficiency.
Hypoglycemia, debility, delicate constitution, decreased vitality, poor appetite and dizziness.
4-6 tablets three times per day, before meals.
Strengthens the spleen and tonifies qi, warms the middle jiao and supplements deficiency.
Increases energy, strengthens digestion and absorption, promotes blood circulation, supplements deficiency and consolidates the constitution.
Ginseng Ginseng Radix Ren Shen
Astragalus Astragali Radix Huang Qi
Atractylodes Atractylodis Rhizoma Bai Zhu
Hoelen Poria Fu Ling
Licorice Glycyrrhizae Radix Gan Cao
Maltose Saccharum Granorum Jiao Yi
Tang-Kuei Angelicae Radix Dang Gui
Rehmannia Rehmannia Radix Sheng Di Huang
Cnidium Ligustici Rhizoma Chuan Xiong
Peony Paeoniae Radix Shao Yao
Cinnamon Cinnamomi Ramulus Gui Zhi
Jujube Zizyphi Fructus Da Zao
Ginger Zingiberis Rhizoma Sheng Jiang
Chinese Medical Description:
Ginseng, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Hoelen, Licorice
Invigorates the function of the Spleen in transporting and transforming food essence
Strengthens the Middle Jiao and relives abdominal pain due to deficiency
Tang-Kuei, Rehmannia, Cnidium, Peony
Nourishes and invigorates the Blood
Warms the Meridians and promotes the flow of Qi
Tonifies the Spleen
Warms the Stomach