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PA-621 Juan Jin I  
PA-621 is a modified Pueraria Combination. Pueraria Combination is a traditional herbal formula for treating stiffness in the neck, shoulder and upper back due to cold attack or inflammation. This formula has been effective on reliving muscle pain in the upper body for over 1,000 years. PA-621 is warm and helps promote blood circulation. The chief ingredient, Puerariae Radix, is one of the most popular herb for relieving muscle spasm and pain. Other ingredients, Paeoniae Radix and Glycyrrhizae Radix, are good for relieving muscle spasm. Ligustici Rhizoma and Notopterygii Rhizoma promote blood circulation and relax the muscle.
Stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulder, common cold or influenza with muscle spasm in the upper body.
4-6 tablets three times per day, before meals.
Dispels wind-cold, releases the exterior, unblocks the meridians and relieves muscle ache.
Promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation and relieves muscle spasm and pain.
Pueraria Puerariae Radix Ge Gen
Cinnamon Cinnamomi Ramulus Gui Zhi
Peony Paeoniae Radix Shao Yao
Licorice Glycyrrhizae Radix Gan Cao
Cnidium Ligustici Rhizoma Chuan Xiong
Ma-Huang Ephedrae Herba Ma Huang
Chiang-Huo Notopterygii Rhizoma Qiang Huo
Dried Ginger Zingiberis Siccatum Rhizoma Gan Jiang
Jujube Zizyphi Fructus Da Zao
Chinese Medical Description:
Releases the Exterior, and the muscle layer of the upper neck
Releases the Exterior and unblocks the Meridians
Peony, Licorice
Relieves muscle spasms and alleviates pain
Promotes blood circulation and the flow of Qi, disperses Wind and relieves pain
Induces sweating and releases the Exterior
Dispels Wind and Dampness and relieves pain
Dried Ginger
Releases the Exterior
Harmonizes the Stomach and regulates Nutritive Qi