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PR-681 Tong Dao  
PR-681 is a combination of Rehmannia Eight Formula and Moutan & Persica Formula. It has been used extensively in Japan on enlarged prostate. Rehmannia Eight Formula is a classic recipe for disorders of the prostate. The data from Japan showed that this formula can improve symptoms, such as a weak urinary stream and frequent urge to urinate during the night. Moutan & Persica Combination has the function of anti-inflammation and promoting blood circulation, and is suitable for enlarged prostate and chronic inflammation of the prostate gland.
enlarged prostate and chronic inflammation of the prostate gland.
4-6 tablets three times per day, before meals.
tonifies kidney yang, disperses stagnant blood and clears heat.
reduces inflammation, promotes blood circulation and strengthens urinary function.
Persica Persicae Semen Tao Ren
Moutan Moutan Radicis Cortex Mu Dan Pi
Rehmannia Rehmanniae Radix Sheng Di Huang
Cornus Corni Fructus Shan Zhu Yu
Dioscorea Dioscorea Batatis Rhizoma Shan Yao
Hoelen Poria Fu Ling
Alisma Alismatis Rhizoma Ze Xie
Coix Coicis Semen Yi Yi Ren
Cinnamon Cinnamomi Ramulus Gui Zhi
Rhubarb Rhei Rhizoma Da Huang
Mirabilitum Natrium Sulfuricum Mang Xiao
Benincasa Benincasae Semen Dong Gua Zi
Atractylodes Atractylodis Lanceae Rhizoma Cang Zhu
Licorice Glycyrrhizae radix Gan Cao
Chinese Medical Description:
Persica, Moutan
Promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis
Nourishes the Kidneys
Nourishes the Liver and Spleen
Nourishes the Liver and Spleen
Hoelen, Alisma, Coix
Induces diuresis and eliminates Dampness
Warms Yang Qi and unblocks the Meridians
Rhubarb, Mirabilitum
Purges Fire
Clears Heat and dissolves Phlegm
Strengthens the Spleen and dries Dampness
Harmonizes the formula