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RE-699 Zheng Jing  
RE-699 (Bupleurum & Dragon Bone Combination) is a traditional sedative formula which has been used for more than 1,800 years to pacify the spirit and induce calm. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that bad mood and restlessness are related to liver qi stagnation. Bupleurum & Dragon Bone Combination has the effects of soothing the liver, subduing liver tension and pacifying the spirit. Bupleuri Radix includes saponins which have a tranquilizing effect. Poria also has a tranquilizing action. Ginseng Radix can improve the adaptability of nervous responses. Both Draconis Os and Ostraea Testa are used as tranquilizers. This formula is indicated for stress, hysteria, neurasthenia, irritability, depression, and menopausal neurosis.
Stress, restlessness, insomnia, palpitation, depression, epilepsy and neurasthenia.
4-6 tablets three times per day, before meals.
Harmonizes the interior and exterior, and sedates and calms the spirit.
Pacifies the spirit, induces calm and relieves emotional instability.
Bupleurum Bupleuri Radix Chai Hu
Scute Scutellariae Radix Huang Qin
Cinnamon Cinnamomi Ramulus Gui Zhi
Rhubarb Rhei Rhizoma Da Huang
Dragon Bone Draconis Os Long Gu
Oyster Shell Ostraea Testa Mu Li
Ginseng Ginseng Radix Ren Shen
Hoelen Poria Fu Ling
Pinellia Pinelliae Tuber Ban Xia
Ginger Zingiberis Rhizoma Sheng Jiang
Jujube Zizyphi Fructus Da Zao
Chinese Medical Description:
Bupleurum, Scute
Soothes Liver Qi, clears Heat, and resolves Shao Yang disorders
Cures flushing up and promotes the flow if Yang Qi, in order to relieve the sensation of heaviness in the body
Clears Yang Ming Heat
Dragon Bone, Oyster Shell
Tranquilizes the mind, reduces excitement and relieves mental instability
Strengthens the Spleen and tonifies Qi
Strengthens the Spleen and promotes water metabolism; relieves mental stress
Descends Stomach Qi; dissolves Phlegm; treats nausea, vomiting and sensations of oppression in the chest and epigastrium
Ginger, Jujube
Harmonizes Ying and Wei; regulates the Stomach