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SK-741 Xiao Zhen   
Acne is a chronic inflammation of hair-follicle and sebaceous glands. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acne is caused by blood heat or heat toxin, and it can be treated by cooling the blood or eliminating heat toxin. SK-741 is a proved recipe for acne, pimples, head and face boils, eczema of the head, and other skin eruptions. The ingredients, Lonicerae Flos, Sophorae Radix, Taraxaci Herba and Forsythiae Fructus are commonly used herbs for clearing away heat and toxin. Paeoniae Rubra Radix and Rehmanniae Radix cool the blood. This formula has the effects of anti- inflammation, reducing fever and promoting blood circulation.
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LD - 477 Qing Gan:
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CY - 207 Yi Jun:
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Acne, boils, eczema and other skin eruptions of the head and neck.
4-6 tablets three times per day, before meals.
Clears heat, disperses wind and detoxifies poison.
Relieves skin inflammation, promotes blood circulation and reduces skin lesions.
Lonicera Lonicerae Flos Jin Yin Hua
Gardenia Gardeniae Fructus Zhi Zi
Forsythia Forsythiae Fructus Lian Qiao
Dandelion Taraxaci Herba Pu Gong Ying
Viola Violae Herba Zi Hua Di Ding
Licorice Glycyrrhizae Radix Gan Cao
Scute Scutellariae Radix Huang Qin
Sophora Sophorae Radix Huai Hua
Red Peony Paeoniae Rubra Radix Chi Shao
Moutan Moutan Radicis Cortex Mu Dan Pi
Rehmannia Rehmannia Radix Sheng Di Huang
Angelica Angelica Dahuricae Radix Bai Zhi
Platycodon Platycodi Radix Jie Geng
Siler Ledebouriellae Radix Fang Feng
Coix Coicis Semen Yi Yi Ren
Chinese Medical Description:
Lonicera, Gardenia, Forsythia, Dandelion, Viola, Licorice
Clears away Heat and Toxins; subdues skin lesions
Scute, Sophora
Clears Heat and dries Dampness
Red Peony, Moutan, Rehmannia
Clears Heat from the Blood; nourishes the Blood
Dispels Wind, releases the Exterior, subdues swelling and promotes pus discharge
Facilitate Lung Qi and promotes pus discharge
Dispels Wind and releases the Exterior
Induces diuresis and eliminates Dampness