The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners accepts this entire program as pre-requisite to sit the NBCE Acupuncture examination qualifying for State licensure.


Class #1….ON-LINE
Class #2….ON-LINE
Class #3….ON-LINE
Class #4….ON-LINE
Class #5….ON-LINE
Class #6….ON-LINE
Class #7….ON-LINE

Earn 100, 200 ,300 or more hours of continuing education credit in Acupuncture all through online (distance learning). *Meets the educational requirements for both National and State Boards for certification and licensure. *Individual State requirements vary. 15 hours CE per module. Meets educational recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) for physicians.

This Accelerated program allows all seven classes to be taken through the on-line format. Some States may only accept for license renewal educational credit those programs which the doctor is in actual physical attendance, whereas most States allow distance education to qualify for license renewal.

The cyber distance program is the same identical material which has been offered in the IAMA classroom over the last 30 years. Study at your own pace when you want to. Spend the time and money you would traveling and sitting in a classroom with your family and/or leisure activity. Participant will be given a password to access the IAMA website where the class material may be studied on line at home or office when you want to or download the educational material and graphics to read and study anytime or place you desire to include your favorite easy chair.

Acupuncture Certification

The most Powerful, Clinical, Practical Acupuncture program for DC’s, MD’s, ND’s, L.Ac.’s in North America!!

Northeast College of Health Sciences (Frank J. Nicchi School of Continuing Education) International Academy of Medical Acupuncture Inc. entire program developed and personally taught by: John A. Amaro DC, L.Ac., FIAMA, Dipl.Med.Ac. (IAMA) (NCCAOM) and Debra Richel DC, L.Ac., FIAMA, Dipl.Med.Ac. (IAMA)

Accelerate the program as you desire. Online class modules may be taken anytime at your own pace.

For success of this program, it is highly recommended to complete Class #1 through  Class #7 in succession. Classes #1 –  Class #6 must be completed prior to Class #7.

Easily meets NBCE application deadline.

Meets academic and clinic requirements for state of Virginia.

“Fellowship” (FIAMA) (Level One)105 hrs.
Class #1 – 7 online earn 105 CEU hours. **Virginia DC’s requiring 200 hours of Acupuncture education can obtain an additional 45 hours by taking the first 3 modules of the Diplomate Program for a total of 150 hours. In addition, 50 hours of clinical must be supervised by a practitioner licensed to practice in the U.S. The IAMA has over 100 Diplomates (Dipl.Med.Ac.) and Fellows (FIAMA) in Virginia licensed and willing to help DC’s and MD’s receive clinical training through observation and application.

“Diplomate” (Dipl.Med.Ac. FIAMA) (Level Two) 105 hrs.
All seven modules (15 hrs each) Distance Learning Level Two individual modules may be taken at any time for those doctors in States such as Maine, Virginia, Indiana who require more than 100 hours. Diplomate (Dipl.Ac.) is earned following the attainment of the Fellowship (FIAMA) (Level One program). Requirements are:one must complete 105 hours over seven modules in the Level Two distance learning and cyber study program. In addition, 30 clinical case study presentations for peer review are required earning an additional 100 CE credits.

Entire Fellowship & Diplomate program to be taken through “distance learning” in the comforts of your own home and at the speed you wish.

15 hour CE credit per online module.


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Acupuncture Inc.