Acupuncture Orthopedics - Syllabus

Asian Etiology:
Invasion of Pathogenic chi, Treatment of Bi syndromes, Muscular bi, Febrile bi, Fixed bi, Painful bi, Wandering bi, Tendino-Jing -Luo bi, Trauma, Zang-Fu imbalance, Qi and blood involvement.

Soft Tissue Injury:
Sprains, Bursitis, Joint Pain, Ligaments, Treating joint disorders, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Gouty arthritis.

Lumbar spine:
Chronic lumbar pain, Frequent episodic acute lumbalgia, intervertebral disc syndromes, Myofascial trigger points, General acute low back pain, Points affecting the lumbar, Bi syndromes invasion by cold, Kidney deficiency in lumbalgia.

The Thoracic spine:
Examination of the thoracic spine, Disorders affecting the thoracic spine, Myofascial pain patterns, Vertebral syndromes, Paraspinal muscle trigger points, Ankylosing spondylitis, Fracture of the rib, Points that affect the thoracic spine.

The Elbow:
Perspective from TCM, Points which affect the elbow, Lateral epicondylitis (Tennnis elbow), Medial epicondylitis (Golfers elbow),General arthritis, Examination of the elbow, Manipulation of the elbow.

The Knee:
Perspective from TCM, Points that affect the knee, Disorders of the knee, Acute injuries, Edematous conditions of the knee, Ligament injuries, Meniscus lesions, Osgood Schlatter’s syndrome, Degenerative arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Examination of the knee, Myofascial trigger points, Busitis.

The Forearm, Wrist and Hand:
Perspective from TCM, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Muscle, tendon sheath, Points affecting the wrist and the hand, inflammation of the tendon and tendon sheath, Contraction of the palmar fascia (Dupuytren’s), Sprain of lunate capitate ligament, Sprain of the ulnar collateral ligament, (thumb) Osteoarthritis, Tenosynovitis.

How to apply the knowledge gained to a typical practice. How to charge, What to say and how to say it, How to double your practice, Turning your practice into a referral practice, Treating the whole person.

Asian Pathology:
Excess (shi), Deficiency (xu), Hot (re)/ Cold (han), Yin / Yang, External (biao) / Internal (li), Stagnation of Qi and Blood.

Cramping, Bruises, Strains, Repetitive Strain injury, Fibromyalgia, Polymyalgia, Myofascial Trigger Point.

Cervical spine:
Acute cervicalgia, Points affecting cervical spine, Scalene muscle trigger points, TMJ syndrome, Myofascial headache, Cervical induced neurological symptomatology, Bi syndromes (pathogenic factors), Cervical muscle trigger points, Levator Scapulae trigger points, Degenerative joint disease, cervical/occipitol cephalgia.

The Shoulder:
Perspective from TCM, Points affecting the shoulder, Disorders of the shoulder, Examination of the shoulder, Muscles of the shoulder, Rotator Cuff syndrome, Acute supraspinatus tendinitis, Inflamation of supraspinatus tendon, Inflamation of infraspinatus tendon, Inflamation of the tendon of the long head of the bicep, Shoulder joint sprain, Frozen shoulder, Acromio-clavicular sprain.

The Hip, Groin and Thigh:
Perspective from TCM, Points that affect region, Buttock and posterior thigh paion, Hamstring strains, Piriformis syndrome, Psoas muscle spasm, Myofascial trigger points, Examination of the region, Sciatic neualgia, Pain in the groin and thigh, Rectus femoris strain, Osteoarthritis of the hip, Mallllum Coxae senilis.

The Leg, Ankle and Foot:
Perspective from TCM, Points that affect the entire region, Examination of the region, Gastrocnemius strain, Posterior compartment syndrome, Anterior compartment syndrome, Heel pain, Plantar fascitis, Calcaneal inflammation, Sprain of ankle, Deep venous thrombosis, Shin splints, Mid Tarsal sprains, Stress fracture of the navicular, Osteoarthritis of the ankle.

Effective treatment:
Selecting the proper points, The types of points, Primary meridians, Musculo-Tendino meridians, Extraordinary meridians, Tsing points, Electro Meridian Imaging in Somatic conditions, Electronic stimulation, Laser stimulation, Needle Technique, Frequency of treatment, Tonification or Sedation, Asian herbal applications.