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a-chiao (gelatin) Treats yin weakness
ai-yeh (artemisia) Quiets the fetus, dispels gas
ch’ai-hu (bupleurum) Regulates menstruation, antipyretic
ch’an-shui (cicada) Disperses heat, stops convulsions
che-chien-tzu (plantago) Diuretic, clears fevers, detoxifies
ch’en-pi (tangerine) Expectorant, energy tonic
chen-hsiang (aquilaria) Alleviates pain, reinforces the kidney
chi-li-tzu (tribulus) Promotes milk production in nursing mothers
chi-lien (coptis) Digestive, antidysenteric
chiang (ginger) Food poisoning, cold extremities
chiang-huang (tumeric) Stimulates the gallbladder
ch’iang-huo (chianghuo) Diaphoretic, analgesic
chieh-keng (platycodon) Reduces swelling, promotes pus drainage
chien-chih (gardenia) Antipyretic, snake bite
chuien-chin-tzu (euphorbia) Poisonous, purgative, used externally for skin and open sores
chien-niu-tzu (morning glory) Promotes menstruation, induces abortion
chih-ko (bitter orange) Antidiarrhetic, abdominal swelling, indigestion
chih-mu (anemarrhena) Antipyretic, urinary and bowel disorders
chih-shao (peony) Lessens perspiration, purifies yin, night sweats, fever
chih-tzu (gardenia) see chien-chih
chin-chieh (schizonepeta) Cerebral hemorrhage with aphasia, any bleeding
chin-chiu (gentian) Relieves pain, promotes diuresis and sweating
chin-yin-hua (lonicera) Clears fevers and detoxifies,
chin-ying tzu (rosa) Detoxifies, menstrual regularity,
ching-san-leng (scirpus) Stimulates menstrual flow, promotes milk production, wounds
chiu-chieh-chang-pu (anemone) Vermifugal, antitoxic
chu-hua (chrysanthemum) Antipyretic, headache with fever, vertigo
chu-ju (bamboo) Expectorant, antipyretic
chu-li (bamboo sap) Removes internal heat
chu-ling (grifolia) Diuretic
chu-sha (cinnabar) Settles nerves, and controls convulsions, fear palpitations,
chuan-chiao (zanthoxylum) Dispels chills and cold, counteracts moisture
ch’uan-hsiung (cnidium) Lowers blood pressure, stops bleeding after childbirth, induces uterine contraction
ch’uan-hou-po (magnolia bark) Antispasmodic, abdominal distention, gastritis
chuan-ku (nuphar) Gynecological conditions, irregular menstruation
chuan-wu (aconite) Analgesic, antiarthritic
erh-cha (catechu) Hemostatic, expectorant
fan-hsieh-yeh (cassia) Smoothes bowel movement
fan-hung-hua (saffron) Difficult labor, dead fetus, prolonged menstruation
fan-mu-pieh (strychnine) Debility, convalescence from severe illness
fang-chi (stephania) Antispasmodic, antipyretic
fang-feng (siler) Analgesic, antipyretic
feng-jou (siler ” ”
feng-la (beeswax) Coating of pills, base for ointments
fu-pen-tzu (woodberry) Prevents graying, vigor, respiration
fu-ling (poria) Treats spleen and stomach
fu-shen (poria) ” ” ”
fu-tzu (aconite) Analgesic, antiarthritic
ho-shou-wu (polygonum) Promotes fertility, builds vitality, strengthens ligaments
ho-tzu (terminalia) Stimulates intestines, strengthens lungs
hsi-hsin (asarum) Analgesic, sedative,
hsi-yang-shen (ginseng) Promotes mental stabililty, dispels fire, produces body fluids
hsia-ku-tsao (prunella) Antirheumatic, red, swelling, itching eyes
hsiang-fu-tzu (cyperus) Corrects “chi” circulation, alleviates pain, melancholia
hsiao-hui-hsiang (fennel) Abdominal distention, promotes digestion
hsiao-mai (wheat) Reduces fever
hsiao-tou-kou (cardamon) Digestion
hsieh-chieh (calamus) Stimulates blood circulation, stops bleeding, knife wounds
hsien-mi (rice) Stabilizes pulmonary and intestinal function
hsin-i (magnolia flower) Alleviates pain, see “mu-pi”
hsing-jen (apricot) Antispasmodic, sedative
hsu-tuan (dipsacus) Promotes blood circulation, premature labor, trauma injuries
hsuan-fu-hua (inula) Intestinal fullness, pulmonary disorders,
hsuan-hu (corydalis) Trauma injuries, relieves pain, stimulates energy production
hsuan-shen` (scrophularia) Anti-inflammatory, thirst from stress, fever, lowers heat
hu-chiao (black pepper) Warms and aids elimination, ch’I stagnancy in chest
hu-ma-you (sesame oil) Anti-inflammatory, ringworm, itching, insect bites
hu-po (amber) Convulsive disorders in children, epilepsy
hua-chiao (pepper) Expels worms and parasites
hua-shih (talc) Anti-inflammatory, quenches thirst, sunstroke
huai-hua (sophora) Strengthens blood vessels, hemoptysis, nosebleed
huang-chi (astragalus) Stops perspiration, strengthens spleen, night sweats
huang-ch’in (scute) (skullcap) Reduces fever, quiets the fetus, removes moist heat
huang-ching (polygonatum) Nourishes liver and kidney, promotes fertility, vitality
huang-la (beeswax) Used for coating pills, base for ointments
huang-lien (coptis) Antipyretic, antidysenteric, heart distress
huang-po (phellodendron) Abdominal distention, digestion, constipation
hung-hua (carthamus) Clears meridian channels, hemorrhage after childbirth
hung-tsao (jujube) Calms nerves, insomnia, forgetfulness, cardiac function
huo-hsiang (agastache) Strengthens stomach and stops vomiting, clears fever
i-chih-jen (ichihjen) Stimulant, tonic, a stomachic
i-i-jen (coix) Pulmonary disorders, rheumatoid arthritis
i-mi-jen (coix) ” ” ” ”
i-yi-jen (coix) ” ” ” ”
jen-shen (ginseng) See “hsi-yang-shen”
jou-tou-kou (nutmeg) Vomiting, food stagnancy, pain in the stomach
jou-tsung-jung (cistanche) General tonic, aphrodisiac, impotence, infertility
ju-hsiang (olibanum) (mastic) Analgesic, sedative, resolves bruises and clots
kan-ts’ao (licorice) Relaxant, supplements energy, see “tiao-tsao”
kao-liang-chiang (lesser galangal) Abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea
kao pen (ligusticum) Antispasmodic, antiarthritic, dispels “wind” benefits skin
keng-mi (rice) (oryza) Intestinal fuction, poor appetite, indigestion,
ko-ken (pueraria) Alcoholic intoxication, antipyretic
kou-chi (chain fern) Excellent tonic for older men, strengthens spine
kou-chi-tzu (lychee) Strengthens kidneys, restores semen, nourishes liver, vision
kou-teng (gambir) Infantile fever, hypertension with headache, convulsions
ku-mu (picrasma) Stomach symptoms
k’u-shen (sophora) Relieves fever, kills insects, scabies, hives,
kua-lou (trichosanthes) Aids pus drainage, reduces swelling, detoxifies
kua-lou-ken (trichosanthes) ” ” ” ” ”
kuan-mu-tung (aristolochia) See “ma-tou-ling”
kuan-mu-hsiang (saussurea) Promotes energy circulation, abdominal symptoms
kuei-chih (cinnamon) Relaxes muscles, stimulates appetite
kuei-p’i (cinnamon) ” ” ”
la-chiao (capsicum) Promotes sweating, stimulant
liang-chiang (lesser galangal) See “kao-liang-chiang”
lien-ch’iao (forsythia) Relieves heat, swelling, and suppuration, erisipelas
lu-chiao (deer horn) Antispasmodic, antipyretic, tonic, stimulant
lu-hui (aloe) In conjunction with licorice for eczema
lung-ku (dragon bone) Anxiety, nightmares, sedative
lung-tan (gentian) Intercostal pain, chills, fever, sorethroat
lung-yen-jou (longan) Amnesia, palpitations caused by fear, insomnia
ma-huang (mahuang) Bronchial dilator, stimulates respiration. Raises BP
ma-tou-ling (aristolochia) Relieves coughing, asthma and bronchitis, expectorant
mai-men-tung (ophiopogon) Regulates lungs and heart,
man-chin-tzu (vitex) Antipyretic, tonic, headache, vertigo
mang-hsiao (magnesium sulphate) Laxative, reduces fever, expectorant
m-shih-tzu (oakgall) Chief source of tannic acid, bleeding from cuts
mo-yao (myrrh) Analgesic, externally applied to scabies, painful boils
mou-tan-p’i (moutan) Antipyretic
mu-kua (Chinese quince) Improves, gastric function, relaxes muscles
mu-li (oyster shell) Clears fever, breaks up congestion, night sweats
mu-pi (magnolia flower) Alleviates pain
mu-t’ung (akebia) Promotes urination, counteracts inflammation and fever
nan-sha-shen (adenophora) Nourishes yin and purifies the lungs, heals excess phlegm
niui-hsi (achyranthes) Strengthens muscles and bone, heals bruises, pus drain
niu-pang-tzu (burdock) Antipyretic, diuretic, chills, fever, dermatitis
o-shu (zedoary) Stimulates menstrual flow, stagnancy of ch’I and blood
pa-chi-tien (morinda) Strengthens bones and ligaments, Antiarthritic
pa-chiao-hui-hsiang (anise) Abdominal pain, vomiting, anorexia
pa-tou (croton) Violent purgative,
pai-chi (bletilla) Knife wounds, burns, nosebleeds
pai-chih (angelica) Promotes pus drainage, dispels gas
pai-chu (atractylodes) General tonic, see “tsang-chu”
pai-ho tiger (lilly) Palpitations due to fear, antitussive, antipyretic, diuretic
pai-hsien-p’i (Chinese dittany) Loosens stiff joints, eliminates wet fevers
pai-pu (stemona) Calms the respiration, colds, coughs
pai-shao (peony) Spasms of the arms and legs, strengthens blood
pai-tou-kou (cardamon) Gastritis, belching, abdominal distention
pai-tou-weng (Chinese anemone) Eliminates fever
pai-tzu-su (perilla) See “tzu-su”
pai-wei (cynanchum) Yin weakness, fever due to wind
pan-hsia (pinellia) Reduces expectoration, cough, vomiting, asthma
pei-hsin (asarum) Analgesic, sedative, expectorant, diuretic
pei-mu (fritillary) Loosens congestion, resolves phlegm, fever
pei-wu-wei (schizandra) Strengthens lungs and kidneys,
pi-hsieh (tokoro) Antirheumatic, diuretic
pi-ma-tzu (castor oil plant) Used externally for throat paralysis, drooping eyes/mouth
pi-pa (long pepper) Antipyretic, gastric fullness, watery diarrhea
pi-pa-yeh (eriobotrya) (loquat) Lowers excess energy,quiets cough
pi-tao-kan (persica) Injuries from falling, see “t’ao-jen”
pieh-chia (turtle shell) Cools fever, infantile epilepsy, debilitating fever
pien-tou (dolichos) Arrests diarrhea and vomiting, abdominal distention
pin-lang (betel nut) Intestinal parasites, chest pain, abdominal pain
po-ho (mint) Stomachic, sore throat,
po-tzu-jen (arbor vitae) Expectorant, nutritive tonic
pu-huang (cattail) Prolonged menstruation, aching arms after childbirth
pu-ku-chih (psoralea) Sexual dysfunction, threatened abortion, impotence
san-chi (pseudoginseng) Bleeding disorders, nosebleeds, hemoptysis,
sang-chi-sheng (loranthus) Backache, stiff joints, arthritis
sang-pai-pi (mulberry) Relieves lung congestion, promotes diuresis
sha-jen (Chinese cardamon) Abdominal pain, distention, gastric disorders
sha-jen-k’o ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
sha-k’o ” ” ” ” ” ” ”
shan-cha (crataegus) Distention in the chest and abdomen, food stagnancy
shan-chu-yu (cornus) Liver and kidney dysfunction, tinnitus,
shan-nai (galangal) Dandruff, scabies,
shan-yao (dioscorea) (yam) Nutrient tonic, digestant
shang-lu (phytolacca) Externally used for foul sores, poisonous
she-hsiang (musk deer) Antispasmodic, analgesic, convulsions, apoplexy
sheng-chiang (ginger) Food poisoning, nausea, abdominal distention
sheng-ma (cimicifuga) Chronic diarrhea, uterine prolapse, antipyretic
sheng-ti (rehmannia) Premature graying, cardiotonic, hemostatic
shih-chang-pu (acorus) Analgesic, vermifugal, externally applied to carbuncles
shih-chun-tzu (quisqualis) Vermifugal, abdominal pain due to parasites
shih-hu (dendrobium) Nourishes yin and promotes salilvation,
shih-kao (gypsum) Speech disorders, extreme thirst, dry mouth, heat sym
shih-lien-tzu (lotus) Tonic
su-hsia (pinellia) Stops bleeding, reduces inflammation, strengthens SP
suan-tsao-jen (zizyphus) Insomnia due to stress, palpitations, sedative
suo-yang (cynomorium) Strengthens kidneys and gonads, impotence, tonic
ta-chi (knoxia) Diuretic
ta-fu-pi (betel nut) See “pin-lang”
ta-huang (rhubarb) Constipation, indigestion, stomachic
ta-ma-jen (cannabis) Constipation, substituted by Linum Usitatissimum
ta-tsao (jujube) Regulates cardiac and pulmonary function
tan-chu-yeh (lophatherum) Clears fever, irritability
tan-hsiang (sandal wood) Antiseptic, analgesic, abdomianl pain, difficult breathing
tan-tou-shih (soja) Relaxes muscles, clears fever, apprehension, irritability
tang-kuei (tang-kuei) Headache, lower back pain, meridian blockage, circulation
t’ao-jen (persica) Injuries from falling, mental instability, sedative
teng-hsin-tsao (juncus) Sedative, diuretic
ti-huang (rehmannia) (foxglove) Cardiotonic, hemostatic
ti-ku-pi (lycium bark) Antipyretic, cough, fever
ti-yu (sanguisorba) Postpartum difficulties, snake and insect bites
tiao-teng (gambir) Flatulence, vertigo, hypertension with headache
tiao-tsao (licorice) Supplements energy, loosens phlegm, intoxication
tien-ma (gastrodia) Antigas, quiets muscle spasms,
tien-nan-hsing (arisaema) Relieves spasms and pain, reduces swelling
ting-hsiang (cloves) Warms the body, alleviates pain, increases circulation
tsang-chu (atractylodes) General tonic to increase appetite and promote health
tsao-chiao (gleditsia) Loosens congestion, resolves phlegm, constipation
tsao-wu (aconite) Very toxic, antiarthritic, analgesic
tse-hsieh (alisma) Urinary tract-kidney stones, aphrodisiac
tse-she (alisma) ” ” ” ”
tu-fu-ling (smilax) Antispasmodic, diuretic
tun-chih (lard) Base for ointments
tung-chung-hsia-tsao (cordycep) Restorative and tonic
tung-jua-tzu (benincasa) Anti-inflammatory,
tzu-su (perilla) Corrects ch’I imbalances, quiets fetus, asthma, detoxifies
tzu-ts’ao (lithospermum) Antifebrile, cools blood, lubricates intestines
tzu-wan (aster) To quiet restless crying children, quiets the nervous sys
wei-ling-hsien (Chinese clemati) Flatulence, pain at the waist, knees, arms and legs
wei-ling-ts’ai (potentilla) Eliminates fever, cools the blood
wu-chu-yu (evodia) Uterine muscle stimulant, increase BP
wu-mei dark (plum) Antifebrile, antispasmodic, persistent cough, worms
wu-pei-tzu (Chinese suma) Pulmonary weakness, hemostatic
wu-yao (lindera) Anti-inflammatory, analgesic
ya-men-jen (linseed) Laxative, constipation
yen-hu-suo (corydalis) Relieves pain, stimulates energy and circulation
yin-ch’en-hao (artemisia) Antipyretic, diuretic
yin-yang-huo (epimedium) Aphrodisiac, warms the kidneys, strengthens yang
ying-pi (cherry) Relieves cough
yu-chu (polygonatu) Slows and deepens respiration, antiarthritic, fever
yuan-chih (polygala) Reduces swelling, sedative

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