The following chart is a specific reference page for the use of Probotanixx professional Chinese Herbs. These herbal combinations are primarily from ancient time tested formulae many of which are over 400 years old with some as historic as 1,800 years.

Their effectiveness is legendary. Here you will find formulae for the most common conditions seen in a general practice. No prior knowledge of the Theoretical Foundations of Chinese Medicine is necessary in order to successfully utilize these herbs.

In order to utilize the chart simply scroll the page, paying attention to the heading the health condition may be located. Find the symptomatology which matches or comes closest to the one shown in the chart. Click on the abbreviated name of the formulae to bring up an entire reference page which shows the specific formulary used for the herb in addition to the names of the herbs in the formulae which are shown in Chinese, Latin and Pinyin. Also shown are indications, recommended dosage, rationale from both Western and Eastern methods and traditional uses of each of the herbs used.

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UAN BI 1 AR-125 ARTHRITIS: Rheumatoid, Osteo, Pain, Swelling, Stiffness, Spondylitis, more acute nature.
JUAN BI 2 AR-127 ARTHRITIS: Chronic symptoms as above wither Lowed Energy and Fatigue.
JUAN TONG HA-341 HEADACHE: Tension, Migraine, Vascular, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Face and Head symptoms.
SHU JIN 1 PA-621 PAIN: Upper Back, Neck, Shoulder, Pain, Stiffness, Muscle Spasm in upper body.
SHU JIN 2 PA-623 PAIN: Lower Back, Leg, Knee, Sciatica, Stiffness, Paraesthesia in lower body.


YI MIN AL-113 ALLERGY: Environmental, sneezing, itchy & watery eyes, nasal congestion, allergy symptoms.
PING CHUAN C AS-135 ASTHMA: Respiratory Symptoms, Asthma, Bronchitis, cold symptoms, chills, watery phlegm.
PING CHUAN H AS-137 ASTHMA: Respiratory Symptoms, Asthma, Bronchitis, fever, dry mouth, yellow thick phlegm.
JIE BIAO 1 C CO-195 COLD: Common Cold, chills, watery phlegm, all cold symptoms.
JIE BIAO 2 H CO-197 COLD: Common Cold, chills,fever, sore throat, yellow thick phlegm, all hot symptoms.
TONG BI NA-551 NASAL: Sinusitis, Nasal congestion, Sinus Headache, Runny nose, Watery discharge.


JIAN GU BO-163 BONE: Osteoporosis, Degeneration, Fracture, any and all bone symptomatology.
QIANG JIN 1 LI-485 LIGAMENT: ACUTE Injury to ligament, tendon, muscle; Sports Rehab / Recovery.
QIANG JIN 2 LI-487 LIGAMENT: CHRONIC Weakness to ligament, tendon, muscle, with low energy / fatigue.
JIE JING MU-543 MUSCLE: Spasms (muscle) anywhere in body E.G. abdominal cramps, leg cramps, etc.
QU YU TR-797 TRAUMA: Injuries, Bruises, Contusions, Sprains, Strains, Soft tissue injury, anti-inflammatory.


AN WEI GI-335 GASTROINTESTINAL: Poor digestion and bloating, belching, flatulence.
QING WEI GI-337 GASTROINTESTINAL: Excess stomach acid, Peptic ulcer, Heart burn, Acid regurgitation.


YI QI EN-261 ENERGY: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Low energy, Increase endurance, Energy tonic.
JIAN SHEN GL-325 GLUCOSE: Hypoglycemia, Blood Sugar Metabolism Symptoms, Major illness debility.
GU BIAO IM-401 IMMUNE: Lowered immunity, susceptibility to colds & flu, Immune disorders (HIV+).
ZHENG JING RE-699 STRESS: Anxiety, Depression, Induces Calm, Pacifies Spirit (mind), Emotional instability.
AN SHEN SL-749 SLEEP: Insomnia, Restless sleep, Anxiety related palpitations, Restless leg syndrome.


TONG LUO BC-147 BLOOD CIRCULATION: Poor blood circulation with cold extremities, Dilates blood vessels.
JIANG ZHI CR-201 CHOLESTEROL: Reduces high blood cholesterol and / or high triglyceride level.
JIANG YA HB-345 HYPERTENSION: High blood pressure, Hyperthyroidism, CVA, Vertigo, Epilepsy.
QING GAN LD-477 LIVER DETOX: Skin diseases, Viral infections, Endogenous Toxins, Lymphadenitis.
HUO XUE VA-841 VASCULAR: Cardiovascular Disease, Angina Pectoris, Cerebrovascular disease.


WEN YANG MA-511 MALE: Impotence, Decrease sexual vitality.
TONG DAO PR-681 PROSTATE: Inflammation, Enlargement, Frequent urge to urinate.


YI JUN CY-207 CYSTITIS: Candida / Yeast infections, Vaginal discharge, Urethritis.
FU KANG ME-523 MENOPAUSAL: All Menopausal Symptomatology, E.G. mood swings, hot flashes.
TIAO JING PM-637 PMS: Irregular menstruation, Breast distension / soreness, Dysmenorrhea, Etc.


LI SHUI DI-221 DIURETIC: Edema, Retention of Urine, Excess water weight.
YU ZHI HE-349 HEMORRHOIDS: Constipation, Dry stools.
XIAO ZHEN SK-741 SKIN: Acne, Boils, Eczema and skin problems of the head and neck.
XIAO YAN UI-821 URINARY INFECTION: General infections of the urinary tract, Urethritis, Etc.
JIE SHI WT-907 WEIGHT: Appetite Suppression, weight loss, obesity.
QING SHEN WT-911 WEIGHT: Long term weight reduction, weight management.