This accelerated, practical program, consists of four online modules. “Acupoint Physical Medicine” has been created exclusively for ALL Health Professionals who would like to include the “Principle of Acupuncture” in their practice. The procedures taught are the identical, principles, theories and academics of Asian needle acupuncture however, its primary mode of point stimulation is through modern physio-therapy modalities and other non-invasive internationally & Board accepted procedures.

Applying the “Principles of Acupuncture” for ALL licensed Health Professionals Meets the acupuncture educational requirements of “NAET”.

The popularity of acupuncture by the general public and medical science has never been higher, this is the time to add this knowledge to your practice!!!

Acupuncture is specifically defined by State Boards as “the insertion of needles beneath the skin surface”. Even though the “practice of Acupuncture” through needle insertion requires a State license, ALL health professionals may utilize the “principles of acupuncture“ when used with modern, internationally accepted and Board approved non-invasive stimulation.

Needle insertion in acupuncture, is being replaced internationally by contemporary, scientific modes of stimulation all of which fall within the guidelines of adjunctive & physio-therapy procedures and are commonly used in the holistic practice. This allows the practitioner to utilize the “principles of acupuncture” while utilizing quick, effective, Acupoint stimulation through accepted non-penetrating procedures.

There is virtually no difference in clinical results with the piercing needle or modern non-invasive methods.

The “principle of acupuncture” has proven itself as one of the most effective treatments ever developed in the treatment of hundreds of conditions. May be used by all practitioners and patients.

  • Learn the 8 most powerful points to treat most health conditions.
  • Very easy to learn and practice.
  • Only 4 accelerated classes online to learn the basics.
  • As effective or more than needles
  • Earn Certification (4 classes) in “Acupoint Physical Medicine”
  • All procedures within Scope of Practice Laws. Insurance accepted
  • Achieves outstanding results.
  • Personally taught by Dr. Amaro & Debra Richel DC
  • Acceptable to “all” patients as needles are not used. No discomfort or danger.
  • All electrical or laser stimulation devices priced less than $300
  • Increase results and practice
  • May be practiced by ALL health care professionals.
  • Increase referrals dramatically.
  • Takes only minutes to employ.
  • Learn the 24 most effective neurological targets used forall musculo-skeletal conditions.
  • Very high patient acceptance
  • Primary focus is on effective Euro/Asian Meridian acupuncture principles

John A. Amaro DC, L.Ac.,
Dipl.Med.Ac. (IAMA)

International Academy of Medical Acupuncture Inc.