What you Really need to know about Acupuncture and practice principles to be highly successful "The Seminar"

Presented by one of the most successful practitioners in North America
John A. Amaro L.Ac., Dipl.Med.Ac.(NCCAOM)(IAMA), D.C.

The most powerful, clinical, practical seminar on effective acupuncture
clinical applications and practice success ever presented!
This seminar is only for those who are receptive enough and willing to listen to establish an ethical practice most can only dream of.

  • Utilizing (Euro/Asian) Meridian acupuncture for quick, effective, impressive clinical response.
  • Growing a practice by two new patients per day
  • Collecting 100% of services rendered
  • Establishing a total referral practice
  • Understanding and applying Electro Meridian Imaging™
  • Harnessing and radiating Qi for clinical success
  • How to effectively treat 20,30,40,50 plus patients daily
  • Treating the spinal Chakra centers …The ultimate response
  • How to incorporate high powered meridian acupuncture

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