My patient wanted me to write to you and thank you for what you have taught me.  This patient has been HIV positive for about 15 yrs. He has been receiving Chiro. care during this time. Over the last 2 months I have been using laser acupuncture to treat his meridians from his EMI graphing. Yesterday he came very excited because his T Cell is the highest its ever been. His energy is up and feels like a new person. Once again thanks from both of us


Dear Dr. Amaro:

Things are progressing quite well since taking your Hartford classes’ last winter/spring. My acupuncture practice at this point nearly equals my chiropractic practice!

Some phenomenal successes…most notably Tourette’s (diagnosis confirmed by a neuropsychologist) in a 5-year-old, and an adolescent boy with idiopathic gastric paresis; the only partially successful prior treatment was botulism injections, and I was his last stop before surgery to cut the nerves, which would have left him with a lifetime of diarrhea.

I’m working on the case studies for my Diplomate (Dipl.Ac.), you should have them in a month or two. Hope all is going well for you in your travels and teaching.

Avery L. Jenkins, DC, DACBN, FIAMA
Chiropractic Physician
Diplomate, American Clinical Board of Nutrition
Fellow, International Academy of Medical Acupuncture
Kent, CT

Hello Dr. Amaro.

I am currently taking your seminar series for fellowship in the IAMA in Chicago. I have been using your EMI program for the past month and I love it! I had a patient who has been trying to get pregnant for a year. I did the EMI graph and told her we should balance her out first and then I was going to use your infertility protocol on her. It turns out that after a few weeks of balancing the meridians, she got pregnant. I’m not sure if it’s directly related to what I was doing, but it’s the only thing she’s done differently in the past year.

I am really enjoying your seminar series. It is incredibly interesting. Thanks for your time and have a great new year!

Dr. Ryan Babiar

Dear Dr. Amaro:

I feel compelled to thank you for a seed you planted in my mind six years ago.

Short story:  my son was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital.  He had been on IV’s and non-responsive for two hours when I arrived.  I sat beside him rubbing his legs, hoping to warm him and let him feel my presence.  No response, the doctors said it would be a tough six hours before we knew anything.  That is when I heard your voice, ” When you dont know what to do anymore, Or didn’t know what to do in the first place, Use the Jing Points”.   I applied manual pressure around his toenails for a few minutes, turned to make a call for about 2 minutes.  I suddenly turned back to my son.  He was talking!  He was fully conscious, healthy as the young man I knew the day before.  It took me about ten minutes to realize….The Jing Points!!!

He is fine now and I am recovering.  I am more grateful than I can say to you for passing on the wisdom and the passion in the way that you do.

Dr. Barbara Downes & son, John